File #: 2021-0453-E    Version: 1 Name:
Type: Ordinance Status: Enacted
File Introduced: 7/27/2021 In control: City Council
On agenda: 9/14/2021 Final action: 9/14/2021
Effective date:    
Title: ORD Making Certain Findings, & Apv & Auth the Chief Executive Officer of the Downtown Investment Authority, of her Designee, to Execute a Redevelopment Agreemnt (“Agreement ”) btwn the City of Jax (“City”), the DIA & Laura Trio, LLC (“Developer”), to Support the Renovation & Rehabilitation by Developer of the Bldgs known Generally as the Marble Bank Bisbee, & FL Life Insurance Bldg, located Generally at the Corner of Laura & Forsyth Streets (Collectively, the “Project”); Auth 3 Downtown Preservation & Revitalization Prog (“DPRP”) Loans, in an Aggregate Amount not to Exceed $24,674,300, to the Developer in Connection with the Proj, to be Approp by Subsequent Legislation; Designating the DIA as Contract Monitor for the Agreemnt; Providing for Oversight of the Proj by the DIA; Auth the Execution of all Docs Relating to the above Agreemnt & Transactions, & Auth Technical Changes to the Docs.(Sawyer) (Req of DIA) 7/27/21 CO Introduced: NCSPHS, F 8/2/2...
Introducer and/or Co-Sponsor(s): Downtown Investment Authority
Assigned Committees: FINANCE, NCSPHS
Legislation Documents: 1. 2021-453 Original Bill.pdf, 2. 2021-453 Exhibit 1.pdf, 3. 2021-453 On File.pdf, 4. 2021-453 Fact Sheet.PDF, 5. 2021-0453 Bill Summary, 6. 2021-453 Exhibit 1 Amd 1.pdf, 7. 2021-453 Revised On File.pdf, 8. 2021-453 Second Revised On File.pdf, 9. 2021-453_NCSPHS_Amd_#1.pdf, 10. 2021-453_NCSPHS_Amd_#2.pdf, 11. 2021-453 Exhibit 1.pdf, 12. 2021-453 Revised On File.pdf, 13. 2021-453_Finance_Amd.pdf, 14. 2021-453-E.pdf