Meeting Name: Transportation, Energy & Utilities Committee Agenda status: Revised Marked
Meeting date/time: 8/1/2023 2:00 PM Minutes status: Final  
Meeting location: Council Chamber 1st Floor, City Hall
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2023-0020-E 11. OrdinanceORD-MC Relating to the City of Jacksonville’s Procurement Code; Repealing & Replacing Pt 1 (General Regulations), Pt 2 (Supplies, Contractual Services & Capital Improvements), Pt 3 (Professional Services Contracts), Pt 5 (Extraordinary Critical Purchasing Procedures), Pt 7 (Design- Build Contracts), & Pt 9 (Art in Public Places), Ch 126 (Procurement Code), Ord Code, & Pt 6 (Cultural Service Grant Program), Ch 118 (City Grants), Ord Code, in Their Entirety; Creating a New Pt 1 (General Regulations; Ethics & Transparency in Public Contracting), Pt 2 (Jacksonville Procurement Awards Committee), Pt 3 (Procurement Thresholds, Modes, Methods, & Procedures), Pt 5 (Ex-Offender Program), Pt 7 (Buy American Program & Local Business Participation Policy), & Pt 9 (Protests, Suspension, & Debarments), Ch 126 (Procurement Code), Ord Code, to Modernize & Provide Greater Efficiencies in the COJ Procurement Code; Creating a New Pt 6 (Cultural Service Grants & Art in Public Places), Subpt A (Cultural service Grant Program) & Subpt B (Art in Public Places Program), Ch 118 (City Grants), Ord Code, to ReDefer  Action details Video Video
2023-0347-E 12. OrdinanceORD-MC Amend Sec 656.306 (Medium Density Residential Category), Subpart B (Residential Use Categories & Zoning Districts), & Sec 656.311 (Residential-Professional-Institutional Category), Subpart C (Commercial Use Categories & Zoning Districts), Pt 3 (Schedule of District Regulations), Ch 656 (Zoning Code), Ord Code, to Add Detached Townhomes as a New Permitted Use; Amend Sec 656.604 (Number of Off-Street Parking Spaces Required), Subpart A (Off-Street Parking, On-Street Parking & Loading for Motor Vehicles), Pt 6 (Off-Street Parking, On-Street Parking & Loading Regulations), Ch 656 (Zoning Code), Ord Code, to Prov Parking Standards for Detached Townhomes; Prov for Codification Instructions (Eller) (Introduced by CM Diamond) (Co-Sponsors CMs Freeman & Carrico) (PD Amd/Apv) (PC Apv) 5/23/23 CO Introduced: TEU, LUZ 6/6/23 TEU Read 2nd & Rerefer 6/6/23 LUZ Read 2nd & Rerefer 6/13/23 CO Read 2nd & Rerefer 6/27/23 CO PH Addn'tl 7/25/23 7/25/23 CO PH Cont'd 8/8/23 8/1/23 TEU Amend/Approve 2-5 (Fail) (Pittman, Carlucci, Clark-Murray, Gay, Peluso) 8/8/23 CO PH Cont'd 8/22/23 8/15/23Amend/ApproveFail Action details Video Video
2023-0372-E 13. OrdinanceORD Approp $863,280.00 from the FL Dept of Environmental Protection (FDEP) for the Duval County 2022 Hurricane Ian & Nicole Recovery Proj; Prov for Oversight by the Dept of Public Works, Engineering & Construction Mgmt Div (Revised B.T. 23-095) (Staffopoulos) (Req of Mayor) 6/13/23 CO Introduced: NCSPHS, F, TEU 6/20/23 NCSPHS Read 2nd & Rerefer 6/21/23 F Read 2nd & Rerefer 6/21/23 TEU Read 2nd & Rerefer 6/27/23 CO PH Read 2nd & Rerefer 8/14/23 NCSPHS Amend/Approve 6-0 8/15/23 F Amend/Approve 7-0 8/15/23 TEU Amend/Approve 6-0 8/22/23 CO Amend/Approve 17-0 Public Hearing Pursuant to Ch 166, F.S. & CR 3.601 - 6/27/23Defer  Action details Video Video
2023-0373-E 14. OrdinanceORD Approp $2,200,000 from the Marine Fire Station # 68 (New) - DM Other Construction Costs Acct to the Marine Fire Station # 68 (New) - DM Land Acct to be Used for the Acquisition by the City of a 3.27± Acre Parcel Located at 10562 Scott Mill Rd, Jax, FL (R.E. # 158834-0000), to be Used for the New Marine Fire Station # 68; Apv & Auth the Mayor, or Her Designee, & the Corp Sec to Execute & Deliver that Certain Real Estate Purchase Agrmt btwn the City & Phillip & Suzanne Noe, & All Closing & Other Docs Relating Thereto, to & Otherwise Take All Necessary Action to Effectuate the Purposes of the Agrmt to Purchase the Subj Propty at the Negotiated Purchase Price of $2,100,000; Amend the 23-27 5-Yr CIP Appvd by Ord 2022-505-E to Reflect This Transfer of Funds for the Purchase of Land for the New Marine Fire Station # 68; Prov for Oversight of Acquisition of the Propty by the Real Estate Div of the Dept of Public Works, & Oversight Thereafter by JFRD (B.T. 23-098) (Dist 6-Boylan) (Staffopoulos) (Req of Mayor) (Co-Sponsor CM White) 6/13/23 CO Introduced: NCSPHS, F, TEU 6/20/23 NCSPHS RDefer  Action details Video Video
2023-0400-E 15. OrdinanceORD Approp $975,000 From the Fleet Mgmt Permanent & Probationary Salaries & Fuel - Motor Vehicle Accts to the Fleet Mgmt Sublet Accidents - Motor Pool Only & Sublet Repairs - Motor Pool Only Accts to Offset a Budget Shortfall in Sublet Repairs for Accidents & General Repairs for the Remainder of FY 22-23; Prov for Carryover of Funds (B.T. 23-101) (Staffopoulos) (Req of Mayor) 06/27/23 CO Introduced: F, TEU 7/18/23 F Read 2nd & Rerefer 7/18/23 TEU Read 2nd & Rerefer 7/25/23 CO PH Read 2nd & Rerefer 8/1/23 F Approve 7-0 8/1/23 TEU Approve 7-0 8/8/23 CO Approve 18-0 Public Hearing Pursuant to Ch 166, F.S. & CR 3.601 - 7/25/23ApprovePass Action details Video Video
2023-0405-W 16. ResolutionRESO Requesting that the FDOT Deliver the 5th St Bridge Replacement Proj as a Local Agency Prog (LAP) Proj to Prov Greater Efficiency, Innovation, & Cost Savings to the City; Endorsing the Preliminary Dev & Environmental Assessment by the FDOT that Includes the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Activities; Accepting & Auth the Mayor & Corp Sec to Execute all Docs Related to the Acceptance of Add’l Acquired R/W for the 5th St Bridge # 724039 Bridge Replacement Proj Should it be Needed for Proj Completion From FDOT in Furtherance of its Financial Proj # 437414-1 in Council Dist 9; Auth a Separate Transfer & Maintenance Agrmt for the Subj Proj at a Later Date if Add’l R/W Will be Required for the Completion of this Proj; Prov that Any Items, in the FDOT’s Sole Discretion & Without Limitation in Accordance With the Code of Federal Regulations, Deemed to be Federal Non-Participating Items Shall be Funded at the Sole Expense of the FDOT; Prov Oversight by the Engineering & Construction Mgmt Div of the Public Works Dept (McCain) (Req of Mayor) 6/27/23 CO Introduced: R, F, TEU 7/17/WithdrawPass Action details Video Video
2023-0441-E 17. OrdinanceORD Approp $2,392,309.57 in Reallocated Emergency Rental Assistance Prog (Round 2) Grant Funds from the U.S. Dept of Treasury to the Community Dev Fund Miscellaneous Grants & Aids Acct to Prov Emergency Rent & Utility Assistance to Eligible Households in Duval County Through 9/30/25, to be Administered by the Housing & Community Dev Div of the Neighborhoods Dept in Accord With the Emergency Rental Assistance Prog Estab by Sec 501, Div N, of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021; Prov for Oversight (B.T. 23-102) (Staffopoulos) (Req of Mayor) (Co-Sponsor CM Clark-Murray) 7/25/23 CO Introduced: NCSPHS, F, TEU 7/31/23 NCSPHS Read 2nd & Rerefer 8/1/23 F Read 2nd & Rerefer 8/1/23 TEU Read 2nd & Rerefer 8/8/23 CO PH Read 2nd & Rerefer 12/4/23 NCSPHS Substitute/Approve 5-0 12/5/23 F Substitute/Approve 6-0 12/5/23 TEU Substitute/Approve 6-0 12/12/23 CO Substitute/Approve 16-0 Public Hearing Pursuant to Ch 166, F.S. & CR 3.601 - 8/8/23Read 2nd & Rerefered  Action details Video Video
2023-0442-E 18. OrdinanceORD Closing & Abandoning &/or Disclaiming an Unopened & Unimproved Portion of the Orange St R/W, as Shown on the Unrecorded Plat of Hart’s Map of Jax, Duval County, FL, at the Req of the City of Jax OED, Subj to Reservation unto the City of a Drainage Easement Over the Westerly 75 Ft of the Closure Area (Dist. 7-Peluso) (Staffopoulos) (Req of Mayor) 7/25/23 CO Introduced: TEU 8/1/23 TEU Read 2nd & Rerefer 8/8/23 CO PH Read 2nd & Rerefer 8/15/23 TEU PH Approve 6-0 8/22/23 CO Approve 17-0 TEU PH Pursuant to Sec 336.10, F.S. - 8/15/23 Public Hearing Pursuant to Ch 166, F.S. & C.R. 3.601 - 8/8/23Read 2nd & Rerefered  Action details Video Video