File #: 2020-0648-D    Version: 1 Name:
Type: Ordinance Status: Denied
File Introduced: 10/27/2020 In control: City Council
On agenda: 1/12/2021 Final action: 5/12/2021
Effective date:    
Title: ORD MC-Making Certain Findings & Auth the Borrowing from the City’s Commercial Paper Facility and/or Issuance of Fixed-Rate Debt in the Cumulative Amt of $208,300,000 & Approp. thereof to Provide Funding for the Proj., Purpose of Approp.; Amending the 2021-2025 5 Yr C.I.P. Apvd. by Ord. 2020-505-E to Provide Funding for the Proj. Entitle “Lot J Developmnt Infrastructure Improvements”; Amending 2020-504-E, the FY 2021 Budget Ord., to Replace Schedule B4, the FY 2020-2021 C.I.P.’s Funded via Borrowing, to Auth the Borrowing and/or the Issuance of Debt for the (Lot J Developmnt Infrastructure) Improvemnts; Auth the Mayor, or His Designee, & Corp. Secretary to Execute & Deliver: (1) a Developmnt Agreemnt Among the City of Jax, the Downtown Investment Authority (“DIA”) & Jax I-C Parcel One Holding Co.,LLC (Inclusive of Affiliates or Subsidiaries, the “Developer”), which Agreemnt Provides for the Design, Construction, Ownership, Use, Mgmt, Operations, Costs & Finan...
Introducer and/or Co-Sponsor(s): Mayor
Assigned Committees: COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE
Legislation Documents: 1. 2020-648 Original Bill.pdf, 2. 2020-648 On File.pdf, 3. 2020-648 Fact Sheet.pdf, 4. 2020-648 Exh 5.pdf, 5. 2020-648 Exh 4.pdf, 6. 2020-648 Exh 3.pdf, 7. 2020-648 Exh 2.pdf, 8. 2020-648 Exh 1.pdf, 9. 2020-648 Bill Summary.pdf, 10. 2020-648 Revised Exhibit 2.pdf, 11. 2020-648 Revised Exhibit 5.pdf, 12. 2020-648 Committee of the Whole Substitute.pdf, 13. 2020-648 Revised On-File.pdf, 14. 2020-648_Salem_Floor_Amd_#1_01_12.pdf, 15. 2020-648-D.pdf, 16. 2020-648-D Second Revised On File.pdf